Speech and Language Centre 

The School has an integrated Speech and Language Centre; which provides specialist support for pupils across Essex.

Our school is one of only a few in Essex which has a Speech and Language Centre. All the children who are on role in the Speech and Language Centre have an EHCP or Statement of SEN for Speech, Language and Communication Needs and therefore need specialist teaching and speech and language therapy. We work in two small classes, Acorn and Maple, in the mornings for reading, writing and mathematics and follow the same curriculum as the rest of the school but with a specific emphasis on developing our speech and language skills. In the afternoons we work in mainstream classes with support.
We also have regular speech and language therapy sessions with Mrs Bickley or Ms Church our Speech and Language Therapists and work with our Learning Support Assistants, Mrs Fox, Ms Dean, Mrs Claridge, Mrs Tappenden or Miss Sambridge on individual therapy tasks.
Mrs Mitchell, our Teacher-in-Charge and Ms Wood both love coming to work as they say that we are the best group of children you could hope to meet and that we inspire them! 


“Mrs Mitchell and the team are just fabulous!” Parent Quote