Harlowbury Primary School

School Council, House Captains and Head Students

School Council is made up of two children from each year group who are voted onto the Council each September and the two representatives from the Speech and Language Centre.
School Council meets every fortnight and items for the agenda are circulated in advance so that the School Council Representatives can discuss them with the rest of the school and bring a variety of views to the meetings – a truly democratic process!
Topics discussed last year include our behaviour systems and rewards, organising and evaluating our special parent assemblies, fundraising ideas and helping to plan, organise and zones for the playground for safe play. 
Mrs Mitchell facilitates School Council and enjoys attending the meetings. She is always impressed with the quality of thinking from the Council members and the enthusiasm of all concerned. 

School Council Review of 2021 to 2022

House Groups 

Every child in our school belongs to a "House Group".  We have 4 houses which run on a point system throughout the school.  This helps to promote strong links across the stages of our school.  Each week the points are counted and the winners are announced at Assembly.  The weekly winners go towards a yearly total with the overall winners achieving the "House Cup" which is presented at the end of term.  Throughout the year the children will be split in to their "House Group" to take part in a variety of challenges and activities.  Each house has a house captain.  The children have to write a letter of application to apply for this position.  These pupils are responsible for supporting all members of their group and keeping the tallies of points up to date. Our 4 houses have been named after mythical creatures:-

  • Jayce Alicorn (Teaching and Learning) is supporting 
  • Elsie Dragon (Events and Fund Raising) is sponsoring
  • Reuben Phoenix (Sports and Wellbeing)  is supporting 
  • Teegan Griffin (Hospitality)  is supporting 

Click here for the Job description for House Captains!