Harlowbury Primary School

Religious Education

Our aim is to help our pupils acquire and develop knowledge and understanding of the World’s religions. We want children to understand the influence of beliefs, values and traditions on individuals, communities, societies and cultures. Religious Education enhances spiritual, moral and cultural growth and helps to develop a positive attitude towards others who may hold different beliefs.

At Harlowbury we follow 'explore', the Essex agreed syllabus for religious education. Our aim is that children will learn about religions and learn from religions and that children will:

  • Reflect on feelings, relationships, experience, ultimate questions, beliefs and practices
  • Consider the thoughts, feelings, experiences, attitudes, beliefs and values of others •
  • Develop the ability to identify feelings such as love, wonder, forgiveness and sorrow •
  • Ask relevant questions
  • Draw meaning from artefacts, works of art, music, poetry and symbolism
  • Debate issues of religious significance with reference to evidence and argument
  • Distinguish between the features of different religions
  • Explain concepts, rituals and practices
  • Express religious views, and respond to religious questions through a variety of media

Skills Progression


Curriculum Map