Harlowbury Primary School

Our Uniform

  • Please support us by dressing your children in our school colours; which are navy blue and yellow. We believe this fosters a feeling of school identity and a sense of pride in being part of the school community:-     
  • Yellow Polo shirt

  • Navy trousers 

  • Navy skirts or pinafore dresses 

  • Navy fleece jackets, sweatshirts or cardigans

  • Navy Tailored smart shorts

  • Blue checked or striped dresses

  • Black school shoes or plain black trainers 

                                                        Uniform Policy

All  uniform items are available from the Top Form shop in Harlow. Please order any items which need a school logo directly through Top Form Clothing.           

Uniform Shop Link                                             



  • Royal Blue Round necked T-shirt for PE with logo in navy blue
  • Navy tracksuit bottoms with logo  NO LEGGINGS
  • Navy Shadow Stripe Shorts for PE NO CYCLING SHORTS
  • Navy sweatshirt in the winter
  • Plimsolls or trainers

All earrings and jewellery must be removed for P.E- for health and safety reasons. earrings cannot be taped.    

Where is hair is longer than chin length children are required to wear their hair up in a plain coloured hair band.   If a child's fringe covers their eyes children are required to use clips or an Alice band to ensure  it is secured away from their face.                             

For full details of the School Uniform Policy - please see the full policy on the policy page.