Wider Reopening of Harlowbury

 Primary schools and early years settings opening to more pupils from 1 June onwards. 

The Prime Minister has confirmed that the government’s five tests are now being met, and based on all the evidence we will now move forward with plans for the wider opening of education and early years settings. From 1 June, primary schools will begin to welcome back children in Reception, year 1 and year 6, while nurseries and other early years providers will begin welcoming back children of all ages.

Full details of this announcement can be found here:


The school continues to provide arrangements for children of critical workers and children who are vulnerable and are not in the proposed classes above.

The timeline is as follows:-

  • 2nd of June on wards Maple and Birch can attend school daily 
  • 4&5th June Year 6 Oak Bubble B (then every Thurs&Fri) 
  • 8th&9th  June Year 6 Oak Bubble A and Cherry Class Bubble A (then every Mon&Tues)
  • 11&12th June Beech Bubble B (then every Thurs&Fri) 
  • 15&16th June Beech Bubble A (then every Mon&Tues)

Other year groups will return to school gradually before then end of term following the DFE guidance. 

Please parental letters below:-

SLC letter 

Oak Letter

Cherry Letter

Beech Letter 

 Vicky Early Headteacher