Assessment without Levels

At Harlowbury we believe that assessment lies at the heart of the process of promoting children’s learning.

It has a clear purpose at Harlowbury School for everyone involved with the children.

Assessment is incorporated systematically into teaching strategies in order to diagnose any problems, monitor progress and plan the next steps for learning. It assists the school in strengthening learning across the curriculum and ensures that the curriculum is relevant to the developmental stage of each child. 

Effective assessment for learning happens all the time in the classroom. It involves:

  • sharing learning objectives with children
  • helping children to know and recognise the standards to aim for
  • providing feedback that helps children to identify how to improve
  • believing that every child can improve in comparison with previous achievements
  • both the teacher and children reviewing and reflecting on performance and progress
  • children learning self-assessment techniques to discover areas they need to improve